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The latest thoughts, observations and news from the agency. If our clients were as poor at updating their news as we are we’d be very annoyed with them! Feel free to read, comment or share.

Welcome Martin…

26th March 2015|

Managing digital projects for clients is an increasingly busy side of our business and we have just appointed Martin Bain to give us added strength in that area. Martin graduated from Glasgow University and came to us initially as an intern but his talents made us make him a full time offer before anyone else did.

Our design studio is also considerably busier than has been

Vacancy – Digital Controller

27th January 2015|

We currently have a fulltime vacancy in our Glasgow office for a digital controller.

The role involves working directly with clients, suppliers and internal teams on all things digital. This includes managing workflow on web based projects with our designers and developers, managing SEO campaigns, Adwords and other PPC and Social Media channels, preparing and presenting analytical reports both internally and to clients.
Any knowledge of content

Oh No, The Advertising Free Internet is Here! Google Contributor.

5th December 2014|

Pretty much everyone over the age of 25 was raised on interruption advertising. Commercial break during television programmes or radio shows, billboards rearing up on your commute, press and magazine ads in between the news and sport you’re reading. That model of advertising has been used online too. Banners, page takeovers and pop-ups are ubiquitous, even Adwords are trying to catch your eye when you’re

Black Friday – No Thanks

28th November 2014|

A number of years ago I read an insightful interview with the then outgoing United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. As you might expect of a diplomat he was complimentary about his host country and he mentioned the many aspects of British life he’d enjoyed and would miss. He was asked what he’d change about the UK and he said the only thing was

SEO & Keyword Research

21st November 2014|

When starting an SEO campaign there are many factors which need assessed. One of the most important are foremost of these is keywords. In order to progress a successful campaign you need to have specific keywords to focus on. These keywords should be decided through keyword research. This involves your own thoughts on what you should be found on search for, what searches would benefit/find

Google Tests Mobile Friendly Icon

13th October 2014|

Some of you may have noticed a small update on mobile organic results in the last few months. Google appear to be testing a new icon on and off that they are looking to roll out for all webpages if they find a positive response. The new icon signifies if the webpage is mobile friendly or not. Meaning either a dedicated mobile or responsive page.