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Using video in recruitment advertising

29th September 2014|

Attract the best candidates by adding a short video clip to your online recruitment advertising!

Whisper it but after months of waiting for hard evidence of those elusive ‘green shoots’, it looks as though we might actually now be seeing some genuine signs of some economic recovery and better news for employment. But with those welcome headlines about new jobs coming into Scotland and Northern Ireland

Sky AdSmart, Worth Knowing More About.

24th September 2014|

With the ever increasing need to get the media mix just right a very interesting newcomer to the scene adds considerably to the possibilities. This year has seen the arrival of SKY TVs AdSmart. Currently just under 7 million people across the UK have the requisite box in their homes but that’s still quite a chunky number and it’s UK wide format makes it an

The Long Tail of Successful Advertising

8th September 2014|

The giraffe is a pretty striking creature, what with the whole long neck thing, patchwork tailoring and the lollopy run so lovingly impersonated by the boy Izzard. What you might not know though is that the giraffe also has the longest tail of any animal! Not the first thing you think of, granted, but pretty impressive you’ll agree…

Comets too are things with long tails –

My Summer Internship at Levy McCallum

5th September 2014|

A whole summer full of happy weekdays has just passed and this is my last day at the Glasgow office of Levy McCallum. As a Marketing Intern I feel really lucky to have had the chance to work with an Advertising Agency as good as this one. Beautiful people, interesting clients, creative work and a lot of

My Internship at Levy McCallum

6th August 2014|

On Friday we said goodbye to one of our interns, Lisa who came over from Germany and joined our studio in February. During her stay Lisa easily adapted to studio life steadily growing from strength to strength. We’re missing Lisa and wish her all the best in her last semester of University. Before she left she put

What Brands Succeeded at the Commonwealth Games?

4th August 2014|

As a born and bred Glaswegian the last couple of weeks have been something rather special. Never before, at least in my lifetime, has Glasgow been the focus of such positive attention and, most pleasingly, the attention was well deserved.

Closed streets, traffic ‘management’ and our unpredictable climate couldn’t dampen the fervour with which almost all Glaswegians met the Commonwealth Games. We embraced the notions of