A rich legacy of excellence

Located in Partick, in the vibrant heart of Glasgow’s west end, we have been at the forefront of innovation in the marketing and advertising sector for over four decades. However, one thing longevity ensures is you understand the need to always be looking forward. In many ways the marketing industry is unrecognisable today to when we started, but in other ways it’s identical. The need to communicate clearly, memorably and cost effectively is a constant, it’s how you can do it that’s changed. Creativity remains at the heart of everything we do and is more important than ever. As we all are exposed to more and more messaging so cutting through the clutter becomes even harder. Creativity is the answer, whatever the problem.


Often our industry likes to use terms and phrases that not everyone understands. For people engaged in effective communication this has always struck us as ironic. For us marketing relates to the overall practice of promoting a product or service, while advertising and branding are disciplines of that. With some clients we work closely with their in-house marketing departments, assisting and supporting a team of marketing professionals. Some clients don’t have in-house marketing though, with them we work alongside sales directors, business founders or other directors, providing skills, insights and expertise to complement their knowledge. A marketing strategy is essential for every business and it should aline with your overall business strategy. One of our skills is helping you craft that. Whether you lead a multi-person marketing department or you’re the founder of a small business doing almost everything yourself we can assist you create a marketing plan that will achieve your goals.

Whether you lead a multi-person marketing department or you’re the founder of a small business doing almost everything yourself we can assist you to create a marketing plan that will achieve your goals.


There’s an old adage that no one believes advertising works until they lose their cat, and in this era of social media, TV on demand and ad blocker software this has never been more true. The simple truth is whatever your product or service if you want it to grow you will need to advertise it. Advertising takes in a lot of areas these days and we work across most of them. From assisting with CRMs, emailers and content for social media through to local radio or national TV campaigns. Our skill lies in understanding what is the best media to reach your target audience. Tracking return on investment, measuring effectiveness and understanding what success looks like are essential to advertising. Let us explain how we work:


Branding isn’t just packaging or new typeface and logo. Branding must go much, much deeper; it’s the essence of your brand. We have a methodology around branding, a step by step process that helps you understand what’s important, what’s unique and what’s memorable about your brand. From that point branding can begin. It’s a simple but effective process that can bring genuine value and clarity to your business. We’d be happy to tell you what’s involved:


We’re a friendly and experienced team and we build long term relationships with our clients. That can only be achieved through delivering excellent service. Everyone claims to have the best people, but even the best people are only effective if they are part of a great team. We have a hybrid model of working. The core of our team have worked closely together for a number of years. We have a saying in here, that we want to be the people you call at five to five on a Friday, your last call of the week. You leave it until then because you know whatever you ask for will get done to the highest standard, so it’s going to be a short and easy call for you. We look forward to hearing from you, on a Friday, or any other day of the week:


Levy McCallum are members of Taan Worldwide, an elected group of independent marketing specialists from across the globe. We not only have business relationships with specialists in almost every market but we also learn from each other. Our twice yearly meetings are essential drivers for our business and our client’s. Access to new thinking, technology, strategies and best practice provide us with insights and knowledge that is not readily available elsewhere.