2009; it always takes me a few weeks to stop writing the old date and start the new one, I guess a mixture of not concentrating properly and force of habit, either way it isn’t a luxury I’m allowing myself this year. 2009 could be the most important year in the agencies life.

The overused phrase ‘may you live in interesting times’ has never been more apt. The transformation in the economic and business landscape in the last 12 months has been meteoric, who knows what the next 12 months will bring. Well, actually, of course we do know what it’ll bring we just don’t know the specifics and possibly what our reaction to them will be. We know it will bring challenges and changes but none of these are necessarily bad things. I like challenges; challenges require teamwork, intelligence, enthusiasm and experience all the ingredients we claim to possess. If there were no business challenges companies wouldn’t need ad agencies. Change is inevitable in our industry it’s how we react to it that matters, if you were to look at the agency over its life you would see lots of changes, some were more popular than others at the time however all have contributed to where we are today. If it wasn’t for change we would still be a 3 person agency in a backroom in St.Vincent Street.

So we are entering the new year in bullish form, we are in the process of improving our creative department because our clients will require more from us this year. This improvement will take the shape of personnel and technology. We’re investing in new software, new computers and new people early on because we need to be stronger than we’ve ever been before. The better we are the better our clients will be, the better our clients are the better we will be, it is simple really, if we offer a poorer service than last year then what chance do any of us have of trying to remember to write 2010 this time next year.