The airline industry hasn’t had its troubles to seek over the last few years. Budget airlines, fuel costs, terrorism, global recession, volcanoes… everything seems to have been conspiring against them. Yet we do still fly, I’ll personally be flying 3 times next week. I don’t really look forward to it, I can’t say I enjoy flying anymore, I’ve done enough of it over the years for it to have lost whatever glamour and sophistication it once seemed to have. So now it’s a perfunctory experience, one where I actually take in very little of what’s going on around me. One of the things I never take in is the safety message at the beginning. You’ve seen and heard it a hundred times, it’s always the same. A professional voice over with a slight accent, attractive cabin crew and passengers and information on where your emergency exit is, your life jackets are under your seat and blah blah blah. It’s surprising that despite having a captive audience most airlines engage very few of them at that point. Until now that is.

Air New Zealand have created a new safety message video to show onboard; and I bet you’ll watch it. Not only will you watch it but you’ll take in the messages they are giving you. In fact not only will you watch it on the plane but at the time of writing over 1.2 million people have watched it on You Tube. Yeah, that’s people who weren’t even on a plane watching a safety video!
Great marketing should begin with assessing what you’ve already got and how you can improve it. This Air New Zealand safety video is a perfect example of that, they have to make one anyway so why not make the best one you can.
Expect this to change how airlines view safety videos, and probably an awful lot else in the future.

Air New Zealand Safety Video