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Is Your Exhibition Stand Working As Hard As You?

Exhibitions Is Your Exhibition Stand Working As Hard As You? Having spent some time wandering around Offshore Europe, the biggest oil and gas industry exhibition in the continent, it interested me to see the lengths exhibitors go to trying to attract visitors to their stand. You still see the old favourites like branded

2016-11-04T12:29:00+00:0025th October 2015|

A short story about tractors…

Efficient A short story about tractors… Back in the day farmers had a horse. Their day coincided with how to treat the horse so that they could get the best out of it for the longest time: when to get up, when to eat, how long to work, when to rest, when

2016-11-04T12:34:40+00:0015th October 2015|

The more things change…

Consumers The more things change… On this morning’s news it was reported that the Poundland chain of shops would acquire the 99P chain in a deal that valued Poundland at 750 Million pounds. Not bad for a business that started just 25 years ago. The founder watched his father in his market stall

2016-11-04T12:32:28+00:0028th September 2015|

The Digital Race. Are we going too fast?

We read with great interest recently that the rate of revolution in how we listen to music, from CDs to personal ITunes accounts and multiple digital devices, phones etc is apparently starting to decline. And guess what? Sales of the old vinyl 12” albums are steadily increasing in sales! Does this mean that people are digging their old Decca turntables

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:0015th September 2015|

Looking Brighter

There is now little doubt that the UK economy is heading the right way, even if most of us feel that it’s tempting fate to say that publicly. Since the start of this calendar year we have found companies and organisations of all sizes and sorts much more receptive to a new business call and we are averaging a new

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:009th July 2015|

Welcome Ruaridh

The marked increase in client activity over the last 12 months, plus the additional work coming from new clients, averaging one every five weeks so far this calendar year, has been putting quite a strain on our creative team. We were therefore very pleased to welcome Ruaridh Ellery, a new junior Art Director, who joined us at the beginning of

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:0017th May 2015|

We Can See You

I remember going through Google Analytics reports with clients a few years ago. Almost without exception you’d be explaining the traffic numbers, what country they were from, how long they’d been on the site and how they’d found it and someone in the room would ask ‘aye, but can you tell me who they actually are?’ The answer of course

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:0030th April 2015|

Meet Firetext, RealSavvy, Meerkat and Periscope

We’re constantly discovering new apps, websites and programmes. It’s important for us to try and understand all the ones we come across and see if they could have a benefit to our clients or own business. Some do, most don’t. Sometimes we discover something we really like but can’t quite figure what we could best use it for. We were

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:0016th April 2015|

Strengthening The Company

March 1st saw the start of the company’s 36th year in business and a further piece of good news. Catherine Ross and Mark Graham have accepted appointments to the board of directors, a move that has been enthusiastically greeted by staff in all three offices. Catherine has been Finance Director since joining the company in 2012 making a significant difference

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:002nd April 2015|

Welcome Martin…

Managing digital projects for clients is an increasingly busy side of our business and we have just appointed Martin Bain to give us added strength in that area. Martin graduated from Glasgow University and came to us initially as an intern but his talents made us make him a full time offer before anyone else did. Our design studio is

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:0026th March 2015|
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