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My Summer Internship at Levy McCallum

A whole summer full of happy weekdays has just passed and this is my last day at the Glasgow office of Levy McCallum. As a Marketing Intern I feel really lucky to have had the chance to work with an Advertising Agency as good as this one. Beautiful people, interesting clients, creative work and a lot of teacakes! From the

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 5th September 2014|

My Internship at Levy McCallum

On Friday we said goodbye to one of our interns, Lisa who came over from Germany and joined our studio in February. During her stay Lisa easily adapted to studio life steadily growing from strength to strength. We’re missing Lisa and wish her all the best in her last semester of University. Before she left she put the below wording

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 6th August 2014|

What Brands Succeeded at the Commonwealth Games?

As a born and bred Glaswegian the last couple of weeks have been something rather special. Never before, at least in my lifetime, has Glasgow been the focus of such positive attention and, most pleasingly, the attention was well deserved. Closed streets, traffic ‘management’ and our unpredictable climate couldn’t dampen the fervour with which almost all Glaswegians met the Commonwealth

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 4th August 2014|

‘Owned’ Media

One of the things we preach about is looking at 'owned' media first. So often our industry thinks about 'paid' media first instead of the opportunities that already exist through using resources the client already 'owns'. It sounds so simple and yet time and again it is overlooked when it should be the first thing that's considered. We want to

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 4th July 2014|

Searching For Accreditation

Nothing emphasises the change in media our industry has seen more than our recent accreditation by Google. Since starting out in 1980 I don’t think any other media channel or owner has ever given us an accreditation. We’ve been ‘recognised’ for most of the last 3 decades, but really that just means we pay our bills and are solvent enough

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 16th June 2014|

What Colour is Your City?

Only the very colour blind visitor could have failed to notice the preponderance of pink that currently adorns Belfast city centre. It’s on walls, civic buildings, private residences, hotels, buses, taxis, billboards and shop windows and is all part of the build up to the Giro d’Italia cycle race. Although not as famous as its cousin the Tour de France

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 7th May 2014|

Great Search Tip

As we all know the world is getting smaller. People think nothing of crossing continents for a holiday or business and in our everyday lives we watch events live from the four corners of the world. In our industry we find ourselves dealing with people on a global basis every week, be it clients with offices elsewhere, media or suppliers,

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 18th April 2014|

African Whisky and Invaluable Advice; Taan Worldwide European Meeting

Whilst I’m not sure we Scots can lay claim to having invented whisky we can certainly claim to have perfected it. So it was with great interest that I learned about an African whisky recently. More interestingly for me is how this whisky was marketed and the social and demographic position whisky has in South Africa. I was attending the

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 8th April 2014|

Trip to Ferguson Group

Three of the Levy McCallum team made the journey north to do some real work for a change. Despite looking like they should be holding a lollipop and helping children cross the road June, Mark and John were actually visiting our new client Ferguson Group. The trip involved visiting three plants in and around Aberdeen, speaking with staff and attending

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 13th March 2014|

Business As Usual

Business as usual, it literally means nothing has changed, sometimes that’s a comfort and sometimes it’s not, it’s one of those phrases that people can take different ways. When I use it here I do mean that nothing has changed, even though the one thing I can be sure of in 2014 is that a lot of things will change.

2016-11-04T14:07:51+00:00 7th January 2014|
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