It’s a cliché we know, but that’s summer finished, both actually and officially now. We’ve noticed that the office is quieter over the summer months, staff, clients and suppliers on holiday over July and August does lead to fewer voices being raised, phones ringing and bodies dashing about the place. Autumn is here now so we thought we’d take some time to look at some of our clients and the variety of different work we do for them.

One of our better-known clients is Tunnocks. The Uddingston based company are synonymous with the world’s best biscuits, something no Scot, and a fair few others, disagrees with. We’ve been working on some new TV commercials for them over the last few months, two of which are now finished, a third is still in post production. We’re quite pleased with them, feel free to let us know what you think.

Tunnocks Wafer Creams TV Commercials:
Polar Bear
Snow Dive

A quite different client are the Clyde Group, one of their companies is Clyde Marine Training. They are the largest maritime training provider in the UK and supply over 50% of all graduate recruits to the Merchant Navy. They work closely with many nautical colleges and marine companies to offer Merchant Navy apprenticeships . In the past we did quite a lot of ‘traditional’ advertising trying to reach the difficult 16-21 year old demographic. That’s changed and most of our work is in the digital sphere now, both in terms of Adwords and SEO work. Perhaps not as eye-catching as an above-the-line campaign but better suited to the client’s needs and target audience.