Business as usual, it literally means nothing has changed, sometimes that’s a comfort and sometimes it’s not, it’s one of those phrases that people can take different ways. When I use it here I do mean that nothing has changed, even though the one thing I can be sure of in 2014 is that a lot of things will change. It’s inevitable in our industry, I guess most industries can say that, but I can say without fear of contradiction that the coming 12 months will bring change; isn’t that wonderful! If you don’t embrace change, if change doesn’t stimulate you, excite you and fascinate you then you’ve no business being in marketing.

Change sometimes happens slowly, gradually, over a period of time without realising, until one day you notice it. Other changes come at you like a thunderstorm, they’re unexpected, challenging and frightening even and they can alter everything from that point on.

The best way of dealing with change, in my experience, is to ensure you have a solid foundation on which everything is built. That way no matter how seismic the change stability is ensured. In this industry and in our agency that foundation has to be people, after all the contents of peoples heads and the collective knowledge and experience of those people is what we ‘sell’. So we’re more fortunate than most that we’ve got a core of dedicated and talented people for whom change is the one constant in their working life. The media is changing, clients change, contacts change, prices change, software changes, deadlines change, briefs change, suppliers change and colleagues change; that’s just a normal year in an agency.

Which is why in the first week of 2014 it’s business as usual. We wait with anticipation the wonderful changes that are in store this year.