Footwear was the gift of choice this Christmas for me, I received a new pair of trainers to complete the illusion I’m still participating in sport, a pair of ‘smart’ shoes which have already become work wear and finally a style of boot I’ve not owned since I was at school; a pair of Wellies.

The rubber Wellington Boot remains a design classic, it’s functional, instantly recognisable and ageless. It isn’t the most romantic present I’ve ever been given and in truth not owning a pair for all of my adult life isn’t something I’ve missed. I associate Wellies with cold, wet, muddy days, of which there are many; that doesn’t mean I want to take part in them though. Cold and wet is best viewed through a double glazed window, that has been my mantra of late.

The Wellies were the idea of my children. During the pre-Christmas snow they noticed I wasn’t wearing a pair, 5 and 3 year olds notice these things, must be their height, and the cry went up that Daddy needs a pair of Wellies. Santa was clearly listening.
To my children Wellies are magical things. They signify getting outside when the weather is bad. They are the key to jumping in puddles an activity they are hardwired to always attempt but have finally been conditioned not to do in anything else but Wellies. They mean a trip to the beach probably their favourite place, a walk in the park where they can go on the grass, or mud as it has usually become, and they mean getting out in the snow, a substance that is as bewitching to them as it was to me at their age. The simple truth is they view Wellies as an opportunity to do something fun because they don’t know any better. I on the other hand know they are simply going to lead to me being dragged out of my comfort zone, quite literally.

What I’m reluctant to admit is that they are right. It’s fun out in the rain, the mud and the snow. I realise this when I try it although I’m not always initially a willing participant. Yet the reality of living in Glasgow is we’ve a lot of wet, muddy and snowy days; better make the most of them.

Business is a bit like that, there are a lot of reasons not to get involved just now. It’s tough out there, budgets are cut, spends are down and all is doom and gloom. Yet not participating isn’t a long term option. Younger, freer minds don’t know there is a recession on, they don’t know it isn’t always like this, they only know this is how it is today and work needs done. They get on with it; and enjoy it. If you’re not careful your comfort zone will become the rut you’re stuck in.
Find your Wellies, it looks like it’s going to rain for a few months more, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it though.

Happy New Year.