We’ve been asked to create and maintain a social media presence for one of Scotland’s longest running and best loved radio shows; The Iain Anderson Show. The late night music show has a large fan base and the eclectic music it plays has introduced many of us to artists and songs we would otherwise never have encountered. I’m hugely flattered that we’ve been asked to get involved with this show as it further reinforces our belief that the media landscape is changing, and changing for good.

The BBC have few peers when it comes to broadcasting, and it’s excellent ‘iPlayer‘ and ‘Listen Again’ features have opened up new international audiences to them like never before. Which is where social media comes in. The style of the Iain Anderson Show and the type of music it plays is as likely to find an appreciative audience in Houston, Texas as it is in Houston, Renfrewshire, if only the people of Texas knew it existed. A campaign on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace will allow us to spread this message to interested people wherever they are. The internet based ‘Listen Again’ feature means that a late night radio show in Scotland can be downloaded and listened too at any time anywhere in the world.

The investment required to do this is minimal. It’s a fraction of what it would cost to promote the show even locally through traditional media. The opportunity to take a great product and market it to the entire globe has never existed in this way before, these are pioneering times. From Levy McCallum’s point-of-view to take such a good programme and market it in a relatively new way is very exciting, we have a genuine chance to influence people and introduce them to something we think they’ll like and that’ll enrich them, which is exactly why many of us got into advertising in the first place.