Festive Blues

Traditions Festive Blues December is upon us and all the traditions we associate with this time of year are in full swing. Christmas trees and decorations, festive songs, late night opening, supermarkets and department store competitive Christmas TV commercials and advertisements for drinks you’d forgotten existed. In recent years though there’s been

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All of a sudden, you know nothing!

Business All of a sudden, you know nothing! We’re supposedly now fairly well on into a new, much vaunted ‘knowledge-based economy’, which would be ok I guess if it weren’t that most knowledge is now utterly valueless! Goodness but that’s a big statement, but one with some foundation I believe. Consider this for

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Food photography without using a professional photographer

Photography Food photography without using a professional photographer If you run a restaurant, bar or café you know how important your menu is. It is the first introduction to your food that a customer gets and having great pictures can make a world of difference. How do you attract these people into your food establishment with

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The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Awesome

Future The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Awesome Earlier this month we had a group of students visiting our main office in Glasgow. We do this a couple of times each year and we all enjoy answering their questions. Our visitors this time were from Dundee & Angus College and they really were

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Marketing And A Good Snog

Knowledge Marketing And A Good Snog The most popular genre on YouTube is the ‘how to’ video. Up to the end of September over 100 million hours of different ‘how to’ videos had been watched this year alone. As marketers we, and our clients, can learn a lot from this statistic. Life-hacks is

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Speaking to Robots!

Personal Speaking to Robots! Yes we’ve all been through it. You make a phone call to your bank, insurance company or even British Telecom and after a slight delay on comes the recorded message normally asking you to choose from one of the following 2,000 options (ok slight exaggeration) 4 or 5 options! So,

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Is Your Exhibition Stand Working As Hard As You?

Exhibitions Is Your Exhibition Stand Working As Hard As You? Having spent some time wandering around Offshore Europe, the biggest oil and gas industry exhibition in the continent, it interested me to see the lengths exhibitors go to trying to attract visitors to their stand. You still see the old favourites like branded

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A short story about tractors…

Efficient A short story about tractors… Back in the day farmers had a horse. Their day coincided with how to treat the horse so that they could get the best out of it for the longest time: when to get up, when to eat, how long to work, when to rest, when

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The more things change…

Consumers The more things change… On this morning’s news it was reported that the Poundland chain of shops would acquire the 99P chain in a deal that valued Poundland at 750 Million pounds. Not bad for a business that started just 25 years ago. The founder watched his father in his market stall

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The Digital Race. Are we going too fast?

We read with great interest recently that the rate of revolution in how we listen to music, from CDs to personal ITunes accounts and multiple digital devices, phones etc is apparently starting to decline. And guess what? Sales of the old vinyl 12” albums are steadily increasing in sales! Does this mean that people are digging their old Decca turntables

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