cookie policy

Our Commitment to a Seamless User Experience
At our core, we strive to offer services that are convenient, valuable, and trustworthy. Sometimes, to achieve this, we need to store minor bits of data on your device – be it a computer or a mobile phone. This data is stored in small files called cookies. Rest assured, these cookies are unable to identify you individually and are utilised to enhance your experience on our site.
Cookies Utilised on Our Website

While browsing our site, you might come across three varieties of cookies: ‘First Party Cookies’, ‘Persistent and Sessions Cookies’ and ‘Third Party Cookies’.
First Party Cookies: These are the cookies generated by us, essential for the smooth operation of our website.

Persistent and Session Cookies: Persistent cookies are cookies that help us recognise you. They are stored on your device in between browser sessions, allowing us to remember your preferences and actions across multiple visits. Session cookies expire at the end of your browser session, allowing us to link your actions during a particular browsing session.

Third Party Cookies: These cookies belong to external tools maintained by other companies, integrated to augment our website’s functionalities.
For your convenience, we have delineated each cookie you might encounter on our site, including their purpose and lifespan.

First Party Cookies Details
Name: moove_gdpr_popup
Purpose: Store cookie consent preferences.

Third Party Cookies Details
Our website utilises Constant Contact and Google Analytics, which also plant cookies on your device during your visit. Please note that the management of these cookies is beyond our control.

Provider: Google Analytics

Name: __utma
Purpose: To assign a unique ID to every web browser visiting this site.
Expiry: 2 years from the time it is set or updated.

Name: __utmb
Purpose: To initiate and sustain a user session on this site.
Expiry: 30 minutes from the time it is set or updated.

Name: _utmc
Purpose: To initiate and sustain a user session on this site.
Expiry: Upon closing your browser.

Name: _utmz
Purpose: To analyse search engine traffic, advertising campaigns, and site navigation.
Expiry: 6 months from the time it is set or updated.