Festive Blues

December is upon us and all the traditions we associate with this time of year are in full swing. Christmas trees and decorations, festive songs, late night opening, supermarkets and department store competitive Christmas TV commercials and advertisements for drinks you’d forgotten existed. In recent years though there’s been another tradition around this time of year; a well-known retailer or brand going into administration.

Whilst it’s the well-known brands you tend to hear about smaller companies are just as susceptible to this seasonal problem. Years of hard work count for nothing if the hoped for sales don’t materialise in the run in to Christmas. The saddest aspect of this though is it’s so predictable and often preventable. The symptoms are clear and whilst the remedy might take a bit of work to implement it’s also readily available. Read this and ask yourself if any of the following is familiar.
– Selling on price; the cheapest price wins the business
– Your product(s) is easily available elsewhere
– Other than anecdotally you’ve never actually asked your customers what they think of your brand, or your competitors
– You don’t know if your marketing works because you’ve no actual measurement in place
– You’ve got loyal customers, but not many new ones
– A company that didn’t exist ten years ago is currently dominating your market
– The internet has really changed our industry and not for the better

If any of those sound familiar then we’d urge you to take stock in the New Year because any one of the above will almost certainly prove fatal to your business. Perhaps not this Christmas though so you do have time to search for an antidote.

The cure for all of the above of course is more customers spending more money. Simple. So how do you go about creating that? Well, that’s where we come in. Helping you fix the problem is a process and it’s not as expensive as you might think. It takes a bit of time and a lot of effort but it works. It’s also free to learn more about it and how it can work for you, simply give us a call and we’ll come and see you.

You’ve got twelve months to make sure you’re not in this position again next year. That’s a long time in any business. Enjoy your Christmas and make your New Year’s resolution to enjoy next Christmas even more.