The TAAN World Meeting starts tomorrow. This meeting is being hosted and arranged by a Swedish Agency, that’s run by two Americans and they are holding it in………..yip you guessed it…..Denmark. So if we weren’t feeling a bit disorientated before the meeting with all that’s going on in business just now then we definitely will be when we all come to sit down tomorrow night.

I love TAAN meetings, 50 people sitting in a room all talking freely about advertising and marketing, it’s the main topic of conversation in the evenings too. This year I imagine most of us will be in the same boat, I doubt anyone is doing spectacularly well, but as always some will be doing better than others and all of us will have experiences and stories to tell that will help each other. The topic for the event is ‘Back to Basics’ and that seems pretty apt. Making sure we get the basics right is the least we can do and sometimes it needs an event such as this to remind us of that.
We’ve a fantastically eclectic bunch of speakers too, a couple of who I’m quite excited about. There is always a hidden gem at a TAAN meeting, something you weren’t expecting that resonates so strongly with you that it can alter the path of your agency. It can come from a speaker, another agency or it can be something off-hand like a throwaway remark over dinner. Wherever it comes from I’ll be listening out for it.

I’ll update this blog regularly over the next few days on what we’ve learned and to let you know if Copenhagen really is a friendly old girl of a town.