It’s amazing how international we’ve become, almost by stealth it seems. This week alone we’ve been making a commercial for a client which involves filming in 4 separate cities. We’ve also produced an exhibition stand for a client that’s going to Las Vegas next week and I’ve just finished a live video conversation with Jan from my desk in Glasgow directly to his in Poland, complete with holding up layouts to the camera for him to see and comment on. I’ve 3 bottles of Australian collagen sitting on my desk just now, they came in yesterday, were photographed this morning and will be on the clients website on monday to be sold online right across the world. I’ve just been shown the ideas we’re working on for a client who is running a campaign in Eastern Europe, they’re really good, they’ll get ‘Mac’d’ up next week and be live by the end of the month. I just take it for granted now that when a client asks us if we can have something in North America in 2 days time the answer is yes, I just know it is, and I was right. I’m not sure when this happened or how, certainly this device; the internet, has played a part but it must be more than that. Somewhere along the way our mind must have stopped thinking ‘that’s far away’ and changed to ‘that shouldn’t be a problem’. When I started working if we really tried, pushed very hard and called in every favour we had we could maybe get some full colour posters and matching colour leaflets printed within a working week. At 5.30pm yesterday we had artwork signed off, and at 11.30am this morning I had the entire printed job in my hands, and this wasn’t remarkable in any way. Add to this I recieved the details for the next global TAAN meeting which will be in Copenhagen in the spring.

So it was nice, amongst all this space age communication, hi-speed reprographics and global despatch that Claire Steven, one of our account assistants, announced her engagement this week. Claire is marrying Kenny, they attended the same school and were brought up in the same town. So it just goes to show us that sometimes exactly what we’re looking for is right on our doorstep after all.