I was reminded of something today; nothing looks worse than an out-of-date blog!

I’m in Iceland at the TAAN European meeting and it is the usual mix of insights, visions, innovations and inspirations. So after a period of inactivity the blog is back.

We enjoyed a presentation from the Marketing Director of Icelandair earlier on. He touched upon some of the problems his industry are facing and some of the solutions his airline are coming up with. Not surprisingly advertising is one of them. People still want to, and need to, fly so they are improving their product and aiming to tell customers about it.

Simple really.

When times get tough, and when are they ever anything else, you have to work harder and work smarter no matter what industry you are in and talking to your customers, and your competitors customers, seems like the smartest thing you can do.

As I saw today improving the fortunes of an airline isn’t rocket science.