We make a big play about partnership at Levy McCallum. We preach it to our staff; that by working together we can overcome any obstacle, meet any deadline and solve any conundrum. Likewise with our clients we do everything we can to foster genuine partnership. We don’t want to be seen as simply just another vendor or another overhead. We really try and become immersed in their business. Even with our own suppliers we like to think we’re partners. It’s important for us we’ve good relationships with them, we rely on them for many services after all.

Part of the reason for this is our own history as a partnership. A meeting of complementary skills but shared goals is what brought Levy Mccallum to life and has sustained us since 1980. As such we think we know a bit about partnership here and appreciate a good one when we see it.

So it’s pleasing that we’ve a new partnership to celebrate. Ewan O’Donnell, our SEO and all things digital go-to-guy, got married on Saturday. As befits someone so fluent in the worldwide web his perfect partner comes from the other side of the Atlantic, Wisconsin to be exact. The state that brought us the author of those most famous of American stories the Little House on the Prairie has now brought us a new story with a happy ending.
Everyone here wishes Ewan and Ali a long and happy life together. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs O’Donnell.