As we all know the world is getting smaller. People think nothing of crossing continents for a holiday or business and in our everyday lives we watch events live from the four corners of the world. In our industry we find ourselves dealing with people on a global basis every week, be it clients with offices elsewhere, media or suppliers, a conversation over Skype or a late night email is simply part of our working life.

For those of us like our own Kirsty MacMillan, whose working day is spent online, the world really is a small place. Kirsty is truly one of the new generation of professionals in our industry, a true citizen of the world. She speaks and deals with people in different time zones every day, reads articles published in America, uses tools created in Europe and suggests solutions developed in the Far East. Kirsty literally has access to hundreds of millions of people everyday.

So it’s ironic that despite all that choice Kirsty is today getting married to a ‘boy’ she went to school with. It just goes to prove that despite the plethora of choice open to us today sometimes you just need to look to the other side of the room to find what you’re really searching for.

Everyone at Levy McCallum would like to wish Kirsty and Matthew a wonderfully happy wedding day and a long and happy life together. Best wishes to the very soon to be new Mr and Mrs MacDonald.