There are many good causes worth our support however one in particular caught our eye this week. Ardgowan Hospice is based in Greenock and helps to enhance the lives of people suffering from cancer and other life limiting diseases. The hospice cares for over 500 people each year and its services are free. Being free it relies on fundraisers and the generosity of the public.

One of our clients, Golden Casket, are also based in Greenock and one of the marketing team there, Colleen Keogh, is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for Ardgowan. Colleen is only 20 and had never climbed a mountain before until earlier this year. We work directly with Colleen on their Ferguson’s Chocolates brand and have got to know her quite well. She has had to raise a lot of money to fund this trip and has arranged various fundraising events this year. When we hear of 20 year olds giving up their time, money and energy to help organisations like Ardgowan we can’t help but be impressed. She’s doing a wonderful thing for a great cause, she should be applauded and supported.

On top of all that she introduces people to the delights of Rose and Violet Creams and Chocolate Stem Gingers almost a public service in itself!

We wish Colleen the best of luck with her expedition, and if any of you feel like sponsoring Colleen you still can, this link will take you to her Ardgowan donation page.

All the best Colleen!