We’re constantly discovering new apps, websites and programmes. It’s important for us to try and understand all the ones we come across and see if they could have a benefit to our clients or own business. Some do, most don’t. Sometimes we discover something we really like but can’t quite figure what we could best use it for. We were introduced to four in the last few weeks that fall into that category and we thought we’d share them with you.

Firstly Firechat, this is an app for Apple or Android phones. It’s a messaging app so not that novel but what caught our eye about the latest version is you don’t need to have an internet connection or a phone signal to use it. There will be limitations on distance we’re sure but as a concept that could be quite attractive, be it when off the beaten track or when at a concert or sporting event where network connection can be difficult.

RealSavvy can best be described as Pinterest for house buyers. So that’s not a ‘new’ idea, but it’s a new way of using the idea. What we’re wondering is could this be the future of classified advertising? Should S1-Homes or Zoopla be afraid far less your local newspaper’s website?
It’s really easy to use, it’s perfect for people genuinely in the market for a new home as well as the countless house voyeur junkies out there. It’s currently only in America as far as we can see but it’s attractive, it’s familiar to use despite being new and it’s growing very quickly.

Lastly Meerkat and Periscope both popped up recently (we can’t resist a pun…) they are similar products, indeed probably competitors. Both are designed to allow you to stream live video footage on social media. We imagine both had deeply significant cultural and social events in mind when they were developing these but we were struck by the opportunities these might present to brands, particularly small ones. Being able to ‘broadcast’ live was once the exclusive domain TV stations, it’s not now. Many individuals and small companies have used recorded broadcasts to great effect, it’ll be interesting to see if live broadcasting will be utilised as well.