The number of website visits by tablets and smartphones has markedly increased in the last couple of years. One study compared usage at the beginning of both 2012 and 2013:

   2012            2013
Desktop            88.62%       78.99%
Tablet                5.95%         10.58%
Smartphone      5.42%         10.44%

As this study shows Tablet and Smartphone use has almost doubled in the space of a year. We can see this reflected in our entire client website analytics, indeed in our experience the number of ‘mobile’ visits is often significantly higher than that study suggests.

One thing that astounded on a client’s Google Analytics account just after the Christmas period to see that mobile/tablet usage had doubled during the week following Christmas Day, we can see what the present of choice was last Christmas!

This further impressed upon us the need for mobile versions of websites or at least responsive design in all cases. Mobile and Traditional websites are generally built in conjunction with one another although the majority of the mobile site is completed after the finalisation of the traditional site. This should remove draft amendments and going over old ground repeatedly. Depending on your website functionality, there are time differences and additional time allowances for various functions and design elements to be put in place – as is the case for traditional sites. The more functionality you require, the longer the build process. The end result however is ideal, a specified mobile version of your website for tablet and mobile users. By improving the site for mobile use you’ll improve the visitor experience, something else that should be borne out in the analytics.

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