On Friday we said goodbye to one of our interns, Lisa who came over from Germany and joined our studio in February. During her stay Lisa easily adapted to studio life steadily growing from strength to strength. We’re missing Lisa and wish her all the best in her last semester of University. Before she left she put the below wording together…

My internship at Levy McCallum
Today is my last day here at Levy McCallum and I must say I am very sad to leave. I had a lovely time, from the very beginning until the end. The end came way too early. In my 5 months in the agency I have learned a lot about how it is to actually work in the business. I gradually worked more independently and got involved in a lot of different jobs, from updating artwork to creating new concepts and ideas. Everybody here works very hard to meet the deadlines and to reach the best possible result for the client, yet everyone seems to have a lot of fun while they work – I certainly did!

I only have lovely memories of my time here and I gained a lot of practical experience that I will be able to use in my future working life and enjoyed the exciting time abroad. I will miss everyone at Levy McCallum and am very thankful for my wonderful internship. I hope this won’t be the last time that I see everyone.