One of our designers has given us his top ten websites of the month. These are websites that he appreciates not only for design but also for the three I’s, inspiration, innovation and information.

  1. Form Fifty Five – Ideal for design inspiration. Some very unique and out-of-the-box products and designs.
  2. Designspiration – Again ideal for inspiration. You have the ability to choose a colour hex reference and see image results relating to that colour. You can also search any word and various image results are returned.
  3. High Snobiety – This website has up-to-date news on sneakers, gadgets, music, fashion, tech and sports. Ideal for keeping up with what is on trend.
  4. Shawn Stussy – Keeping up to date with the coolest man on the planet Mr Shaun Stussy.
  5. Mac Rumors – All the latest gossip on Mac products can be found here. Great for keeping up with the latest technological advances and rumours of what is to come. What could be next from Apple.
  6. End Clothing – An amazing selection of global brand clothing. The structure of the website has easy navigation and clear product information.
  7. Songsterr – A helpful and informative website for budding musical instrument players looking to learn and play their favourite songs. Songs are taught through various instruments with sound so leaners can play along to begin with.
  8. Howies – Another clothing website appreciated for its current trends and clear messages.
  9. CSS Remix – A selection of website snapshots to see those with effective marketing messages and how they differ in size, content and style.
  10. ski-scotland – Information pulls our designer to this website. He feels it gives him all of the information he needs as snowboarding season is almost upon us. He will check it daily over winter as he is interested in the weather changes and any events that will be coming up.

If you have top websites that you go to for design, functionality, information etc let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages.