There is a scene in the film ‘In Her Shoes‘ where Toni Collette playing the dowdy, sensible sister (a lawyer!) turns to her good looking, party fuelled, boyfriend stealing sister, played by Cameron Diaz, and asks her what she’ll do when her looks fade? It’s meant as a put-down in the film but it makes a valid point about the power of attraction.
I attended a client meeting very recently, this client has cut back on marketing (who hasn’t?) and has been in baton-down-the-hatches mode. Parts of their business have been heavily affected by the current market difficulties and I can understand, if not agree with, their reasoning. But it was an interesting meeting. I had some ideas to discuss with them. One of them in particular was really strong, and sure enough the second the client saw it they fell in love with it. It’s a winner, we think so and they think so. What’s interesting though is now that the client has seen something they believe in, something they truly think will make a substantial impact on their business they are ready to back it.

Clients generally aren’t stupid, they know their customers and have a fair idea what they’ll like. As marketing people we should never lose site of the simple fact that the creative idea is the spark in every great campaign. It is the good looking, party fuelled, boyfriend stealing sister of the campaign. It’s what catches your eye and draws you in. Yes, after that the campaign and the client need to deliver on what this blue eyed blonde has promised but without her initially you aren’t leaving your pals and your drink and asking for a dance.

More than ever we need to produce creative solutions to practical business problems, because the danger is when the looks fade no one will turn our way and we’ll all be left talking to lawyers.