I’m not sure how many of you had the pleasure of listening to our Creative Director and agency founder Roy McCallum on BBC Radio Scotland earlier this week. Judging by the ribbing he has taken many of you did. He was invited onto Fred Macaulay’s mid morning show to discuss the use of celebrities in advertising. When the researcher made contact with us about contributing to the show she asked if we could give her the names of some ‘celebrities’ we’ve worked with over the years, the list is long and she was impressed, but she nearly choked when at the end she was told that we had of course also used Fred Macaulay once too!

The interview went well and Roy sounded like the expert he clearly is. We often forget, because we are actually at the coal-face everyday, how much of what we do seems like glamorous rocket science to the outside world. I think we also forget how difficult what we do is, we are all guilty of taking for granted some of the exceptionally talented people we work beside everyday.

The show was broadcast on the 24th of November but can be accessed on the BBC site using the ‘listen again’ feature until Sunday the 1st of December.

It’s pleasing when an organisation like the BBC recognise you as experts. They aren’t a commercial broadcaster so they have no vested interest in pushing any particular agency or client.