When starting an SEO campaign there are many factors which need assessed. One of the most important are foremost of these is keywords. In order to progress a successful campaign you need to have specific keywords to focus on. These keywords should be decided through keyword research. This involves your own thoughts on what you should be found on search for, what searches would benefit/find your product and how your competitors are faring.
In determining what searches you think you should be found for, the overall product should be analysed. You need to think about what a searcher would type in when looking for your product and think about the variations of keyphrases associated with it. You then need to check where you are currently sitting for these keyphrases and check the amount of traffic that they get on average. Check who else is top for these keyphrases and look at their website to see what products and detail they show. Take note of all these factors and run through this process for a list of keywords.
Once you have completed your research narrow down your keyword list and determine a strategy for implementing your campaign and achieving improvement on your current positioning.
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