With the ever increasing need to get the media mix just right a very interesting newcomer to the scene adds considerably to the possibilities. This year has seen the arrival of SKY TVs AdSmart. Currently just under 7 million people across the UK have the requisite box in their homes but that’s still quite a chunky number and it’s UK wide format makes it an expensive option for local advertisers. Now SKY AdSmart allows you to choose an area, as small as the first two postcode characters if you like, and specify age, gender, income, home owner or renting, car owners, drivers and a lot of other things. Suddenly SKY TV has a hyper-local offering with added socio-economic variables too. SKY has a number of case studies showing the effectiveness of ‘local’ advertising on SKY and they really are quite impressive. Budgets are affordable for smaller advertisers too, this is a genuine alternative, and addition, to local commercial stations and a welcome fillip to the television market here.

We’ll be introducing SKY AdSmart to our clients in the coming weeks but if you’d like to know a more about it please feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to explain it all to you.