There are a lot of do’s and don’ts associated with social media. When you are setting up a new business page or trying to create brand awareness with an existing page there are a lot of recommendations on what you should post, when you should post, how many times you should post, how many links to have back to your website, how to get followers etc.

Everyone has their own opinion and in many cases, recorded success influences the vision of the ideal business Facebook profile.

Something that a lot of businesses struggle with is what to post. Should they push their product/service constantly to make potential customers aware of what they are selling? Or should they discuss content completely unrelated to their business in order to attract customers who otherwise would not be interested in them? In many cases, and what seems to be most successful is a combination and balance of a number of strategies

When looking through a number of business profiles we have determined a short-list of status strategies. These are:

Informational – Sharing information about the product or service. Whether it is new products, special offers, free delivery.

Interest/Humour – The sharing of humorous or interesting content to engage customers. Funny images, articles, video.

Latest News – Sharing the latest news with people. Being one of the first to tell people updates within an industry they may be interested in. For example, if tech news, new smartphone advancement, smart watches, Google glasses.

Interaction – Asking customers to interact with your page. Whether it is a competition for people to share your page, asking customer views or asking followers to send something in to you.

Using just one of these does not seem to work as effectively for a business as using a combination. You need to sell your product but also keep users engaged and interact with them. People want to know what you have to offer but not be bombarded with your product every time they go onto Facebook. People like to be engaged by content the find engaging or interesting; however just funny/interesting alone also doesn’t sell products. Once you have people on your page you need to make them aware of who you are and why you have brought them there. Interacting with your customers/potential customer is key. Facebook users like to get a sense of the humanity and customer service behind a Facebook profile. Answering customers and helping them with their queries goes a long way in both retention and acquisition of customers.

A mixture of these status strategies allows you to cover all bases. Not over-selling, but keeping your product fresh in the mind of users. Acquiring potential customers through content they might be interested in and providing customers with a great method of communication between them and your business.