My eldest son started nursery school today. He turned three last week and qualifies for a place in the local nursery now, so he was a bought a new pair of black plimsolls (only £1.99 in Asda, they cost more than that when I needed my first pair!) and he was taken down and introduced to his first teacher and the rest of his classmates.

They didn’t have nursery school when I was his age, or at least if they did I didn’t go to it, so I was quite interested in what they do there. I asked my son when he came home and he told me they play with cars. This is perfect, that’s exactly what he wants to do, plus he doesn’t have to fend off his sister and brother there either. Nursery rocks as far as he’s concerned. I’m thinking they probably do other stuff there too, that would explain the smart-board, and the paints and crayons they’ve got and the singing I could hear. He might notice these later on although I’m not holding my breath, toy cars is pretty much where it’s at just now.

New experiences often creep up on us. In marketing this seems to happen with increasing frequency. I was sent an invitation to a huge social media event in London at the end of the month. It sounds quite impressive, it has an interesting and varied selection of speakers, the topics are relevant and thought provoking and it has some fascinating specialist breakouts, some looking at area’s we are specifically involved in or hope to be very soon. It also laid out some other future events, what they’re focussing on and where they are being held. It feels ambitious in scale but reading through the speakers and the topics there is no doubt there is a market for this event. It isn’t cheap either so it should attract only serious participants.

Yet my initial reaction on reading about it was surprise. Is the market for this really that advanced and mature. I still speak to more people who aren’t engaging in social media than who are, even in marketing. I still know people who think this is a fad, that it’ll pass or that it isn’t something to be taken very seriously. Yet it is clear that some large companies are starting to invest time, effort and money in social media marketing; they’ll expect a return, and soon. As such there is a danger that those continuing to ignore it will be left behind.

Opportunities come our way all the time. Some are big and some not so big. The advent of an entirely new form of media is pretty big in anyone’s book I’d have thought. Perhaps it’s time we all bought ourselves a new pair of black plimsolls and joined in.