The Who song ‘Won’t get Fooled Again’ contains the memorable lines ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’ and is a critique on revolution and how during huge change often much remains the same. Well we’re going through a lot of change just now but as ever the demand for cost effectiveness and value for money remains.

We were involved in a social media campaign for a client during the last two months of 2009. The campaign was a consumer one with a tight geographical pull and we used Twitter, Bebo, MySpace and Facebook. In each case we created bespoke pages rather than ‘advertising’ on the networks and we created a stream of content which we planned and then populated onto the sites over the course of the campaign.

We presented the post campaign analysis this week and it made interesting reading. Each of the social media sites attracts a different audience and some of the age and gender profiling and particularly the feedback was illuminating. Most interesting for us was the cost effectiveness of the campaign. By using we were able to track any links we posted and it seems that over the course of the two months the cost per click was less than an equivalent Google Adwords or a network campaign. We also discovered that Facebook and Twitter were both appearing on the clients internal web stats as one of their biggest referrers of traffic. The events were successful which during the current economic climate is a real achievement, the client now has a body of ‘friends and fans’ to draw on for future events and a greater understanding of what their customers want as the feedback we received was extremely valuable.

I don’t imagine Pete Townsend had blogs from an ad agency in mind when he wrote those prophetic words however I can’t help but feel he had a point.

“I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution, Take a bow for the new revolution.”