Our new studio manager joined us today, at last. Iain Clark finally joins after a long flirtation, quite a few dates and a number of broken hearts. Iain first met Alan and Roy in the early days in St. Vincent Street and as well as being a talented artist and doing some freelance work with them he also played for the Levy McCallum football team. Anyone who saw the team in those days will remember Iain, he was the one with the sweet left foot and the dodgy moustache! As often happens with the young, Iain and the agency drifted apart, Iain to the printing and publishing side of our business and a ten year plus stint in a large printers studio. His time there coincided with the huge changes that have taken place in that industry as the digital age smashed its way into all of our lives. Iain returned to agency life three years ago and discovered the print knowledge he has is more important than ever. Many industry people know next to nothing about the production process and an intimate knowledge of it made Iain very attractive to agencies, even without the moustache. But you always remember your first love and so it was when the chance to move in with Levy McCallum came up Iain was at the door with a lovely bunch of flowers, a decent bottle of wine and a CV that ticked every box we had. Iain’s experience is vast, he is an industry ‘lifer’ and is as enthusiastic today as he’s always been. Welcome into the family Iain, it took a while but as we all learn as we get older the best things are worth the wait.