Strengthening Our Creative Team

Any marketing business is only as good as the people in it so we’re very pleased to begin 2016 by further strengthening our creative team. Brian Fitzpatrick joined us officially on January the first as a Graphic Designer and we all welcome Brian to the agency and hope he has a long and happy career with us.

Brian has worked sporadically with us for a few months already on a freelance basis so we’ve seen his talent up close and are all very excited about securing Brian on a full-time basis. The injection of new blood to any business, but particularly one like ours, is always very stimulating and that’s doubly so when it’s in the creative team.

New ideas, fresh perspective and the enthusiasm that someone new always brings really give the place a lift. It’s the perfect antidote to any lethargy that might have been brought on by one-to-many chocolates or glasses of wine over Christmas!