2012 has been one of the biggest years for internet, mobile and social media combined so far. This year smartphone sales have increased by 45%, mobile internet usage has increased 10% and use of social media through mobile is at an all-time high. The route social networks have gone down this year appears to be more visual content based with the likes of Pinterest and general website re-design. Looking through various social media/internet statistics we picked out the below 10 which we feel are interesting for a variety of reasons.

1. 59% of Pinterest users have purchased an item they saw on the site, 33% of Facebook users have purcahsed an item they saw on their news feed or a friend’s wall

2. Barack Obama’s victory Facebook post was the most liked photo on Facebook with over 4 million likes.

3. The most followed brand on Twitter is YouTube with 19 million followers.

4. The mean half life of a link on Twitter is 2.9 hours and on Facebook it is 3.2 hours. So if you post on Facebook you can expect, on average, an extra 24 more minutes of attention than if you post on Twitter.

5. Nearly 4 billion photos have been shared on Instagram since its beginning.

6. 80 percent of Pinterest users are women, while 50 percent of all Pinterest users have children.

7. YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month

8. Internet users spend 22.5% of their online time social networking

9. 42% of users update their LinkedIn profile information regularly

10. Mobile now accounts for 10% of internet usage worldwide (this has more than doubled over last 18months)