Back in January we carried out a less than scientific experiment to find out what were the most anticipated words on Google locally. The parameters of this test are simple; we type each letter of the alphabet into Google and see what the first word Google offered us was. Simple. So here are the top 26 words in Glasgow as of the last week in September 2012.

A  – Amazon – we begin with a change at ‘A’, in January retailer Argos was first up, now the international Brazilian rainforest CD people are our first offer.
B – BBC – dear old Auntie as popular and relevant as ever and no change from January.
C – Currys – our first surprise, the retail park electronics shed still rules the high Cs it seems.
D – Debenhams – no change, High Street department stores are as popular in Autumn as Winter.
E – Ebay – Going, going…still going on ‘E’.
F – Facebook – yeah, we’re not surprised either.
G – Google – ahem, do people really Google the word Google?
H – Hotmail – Microsoft’s popular email remains hot, hot, hot.
I – Ikea – Nordic flat-pack remains as popular as ever.
J – John Lewis – see D, all year round popular it seems.
K – KLM – Surprisingly the Dutch airline is A-OK.
L – Lottery – everyone still has their fingers crossed.
M – Marks and Spencer – see J and D.
N – Next – as popular as they were in January.
O – Olympics – that post London buzz is still going strong.
P – Paypal – Well with all the department stores on the list it was inevitable.
Q – Quiz – not Trivial Pursuit but girl’s clothes it seems, more retail.
R – RBS – our first and only ‘local’ brand. Hated and bailed out but searched for a lot.
S – Sports Direct – Another clothes retailer.
T – Tesco – Britain’s biggest supermarket continues world domination attempt.
U – UK Top 40 – Many of us didn’t know there still was a top 40!
V – Virgin – typed for the very first time.
W – Wikipedia – well where would all be without it?
X – Xbox – it’s a limited vertical, but a change from January!
Y – You Tube – well you can’t see enough dogs falling over at this time of year.
Z – Zara – Those clothes shops are popular it seems.

Most of the terms haven’t changed, which is great news for the brands involved, but some have and they are worth noting. Amazon has replaced Argos, that might be a metaphor for the High Street frankly.

KLM has replaced the Kindle. That really surprised us, not only are they the only airline on the list they aren’t even a British one. However they fly out of Glasgow and Amsterdam isn’t much further away than Heathrow. I wonder what people read on their KLM flight though…

The future isn’t bright, it’s Olympic. Mobile phone company Orange have been usurped by the runners, swimmers and rowers we all fell in love with in the summer. Indeed it’s been a poor chart for the phone companies with Vodafone being replaced by Virgin, who also now sell phones so, erm, yeah.

Paypal are new, it was games people ‘Play’ earlier in the year. That was clearly a seasonal thing. Also in January the ‘U’ word was UCAS, the university people. Clearly students have now got their places and are back to the important business of checking out the music charts as UK Top 40 is our first term for ‘U’ in September.

Sports Direct have usurped Sky on the letter ‘S’. It seems a summer with sport on the BBC has meant we want to take part rather than watch, their recent partnership with a local football club might have helped too.

Lastly the X-factor has been replaced by the Xbox. Ironically X-Factor is currently on our screens but it wasn’t in January. The good people of Glasgow have clearly decided to turn off their televisions and pick up their game consuls. We’re very proud.

High Street retailers are still doing very well, it is testament to the time, effort and money they put into their brands, it is clearly paying off.

Again the only ‘local’ brand is RBS, this is disappointing but perhaps not surprising. We are of course assuming that C for Currys is the electronic retail park sheds, it could of course simply reflect Glaswegian eating habits; that might need a bit more research. We’ll do this again in the spring.