We read with great interest recently that the rate of revolution in how we listen to music, from CDs to personal ITunes accounts and multiple digital devices, phones etc is apparently starting to decline. And guess what? Sales of the old vinyl 12” albums are steadily increasing in sales! Does this mean that people are digging their old Decca turntables out of the loft or is it some kind of Retro revolution? Could it be that there are many purists out there who are going back to the good old days when you were happy to play your LP”s crackles and all. The Digital age that we now live and work in affects us all and the pace with which it is changing is at times breath-taking. Take our everyday routines for example. Why make a phone call when an email will do – even to a person who sits five feet away from you. A once ludicrous thought, but now second nature… Will internet shopping eventually see the demise of retailers in the High Street and will buzzing city centres become ghost towns. Is the lifespan of social media limited and where will global communication go next? Yes it would seem the digital age has given us a craving for convenience and without knowing it has developed the lazy side of our nature. Vince Serf head of Google recently stated that some existing digital material including key historical documents could be lost forever because programs to view them will become defunct. Even if the disks and cassettes etc are in good condition, the equipment needed to run them is mostly found only in museums. We digitise things because we think we will preserve them, but what we don’t understand is that unless we take other steps, those digital versions may not be any better, and may even be worse, than the artefacts that we digitised. The concept remains that if you have photographs you want to preserve print them out and keep them. From tablets of stone to tablets crammed with technology we eagerly await the next new thing which is now almost a daily occurrence. Although as our graphic designers have no desire to see the return of Cow Gum or Spray Mount into their daily routine, let’s hope in the continual race to develop new things and new gadgets that we don’t lose the valuable things we have created in the past!