The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Awesome

Earlier this month we had a group of students visiting our main office in Glasgow. We do this a couple of times each year and we all enjoy answering their questions. Our visitors this time were from Dundee & Angus College and they really were a breath of fresh air. Their energy and enthusiasm bounced around our walls and you could still feel their presence in the building some time after the coach headed off on the road and the miles.

Much is said about the failings of young people nowadays but we meet and see students regularly and get the feeling that the future is in good hands, or would be if we can put our brightest into the right places. If some really clever media type came up with a new national online newspaper or radio station or TV Channel that reported only news about students and graduates and totally ignored politicians, which is far and away the best thing to do with them, it would be a winner. Maybe that’s the future for our industry. You read it here first.