You like Your Website, But Does Google?

These days most companies have a web strategy, whether it’s a good one or not is moot, at least they have one. They’ve usually got a person whose job it is to manage the site, usually from a marketing background which is also progress from the days when it was the IT department’s domain. Indeed I’d go as far as to say most websites are quite good these days, they provide the function they are meant to and they show the company in a positive light. They might not be perfect and indeed many could do with a refresh however they are an improvement on what was happening even just a couple of years ago.

Most companies usually use social media now too, some very well. They understand the medium, they understand they should have a presence on it and it should be tied in with their web strategy. So far so good.

Where we find things fall down for the small to medium sized companies is on organic search, or how Google views you. Pretty much everyone knows they want to index as high as possible on Google, but very few companies know how to influence this. To this end we’ve developed a Website Audit. This audit looks at your website like a search engine does and most clients find it revelatory. The simple truth is most people have little idea what’s ‘beneath the bonnet’ of their site. Most haven’t given any thought to the page title or site speed since the day the site was first built, descriptions are written with no thought about how Google reads them, images have no names and some are still stuffed with meta-tags.

The audit takes us a couple of hours to prepare and about 40 minutes to present. It really helps clients understand how they can improve their website without spending much, if any, money, and why they aren’t indexing better for certain terms and phrases. We even offer to benchmark their site against a competitor so they can see how the competition is doing.

Companies spend lot of time and effort and money making sure their websites look good, are up-to-date and accurate and portray them in as positive a light as possible.  But they are often missing one of the most important elements of all; namely what Google thinks of it and that information alone can transform the fortunes of any company looking to build their business online.