Some friends of ours are in the running to win an award. This, being the ad industry, isn’t really news, it’s big on giving out awards, the vast majority of them are of course meaningless and I’ve spoken about this before and I’ll no doubt do it again however that isn’t what this is about. The award is for the Ad Agency Blog of the Year and is being run by an industry website called Fuel Llines which has some interesting articles and tips and is quite widely read. It’s American based so most of the agencies in the running are, as you might expect, US ones. But one of them isn’t, they are based in Malmo which is about as far from Madison Avenue or Golden Square as you can get, even in Sweden Malmo isn’t thought of as being trendy. Yet as I write this they are in the lead with 2 days voting to go. Whatever the final result that an agency based in a secondary city in a non-English language country with a total population of about 9 million is even competing for this is great news for all of us because it confirms everything they promised us about the internet; geography won’t matter. The blog, Methodical Madness, is informative, it’s updated regularly and it is well written so it deserves its shot at winning. But more importantly it helps demonstrate that ability and aptitude count for more and more today and that location is no barrier to credibility.

I type this on the day we were told we’d lost a reasonable sized piece of business, it has gone to multinational agency with a large head office in London. The business we handled has been consolidated by our client’s parent company along with a number of other subsidiaries, on paper this will lead to considerable savings for them they think. We believe this is a false economy, we know the local market, we know the client and we know their customers but the decision is made and so we wish them all the best. This has happened before and it’ll happen again, such is life in the provinces.
They had to build one of the biggest bridges in the world so anybody sensible could actually get to Malmo, it’s currently pretty cold there, beer is unbelievably expensive and the government control the sale of alcohol anyway which probably makes it taste a little worse. But, the people I’ve met from there were, without exception, friendly, open and welcoming and the agency in question, The Duffy Agency, are talented, enthusiastic and able. So, if you’ve ever felt that through an accident of geography sometimes the dice is loaded against you, vote for Methodical Madness the blog from The Duffy Agency and even if only for a short time lets see if we can’t tilt the balance back in our direction again.
You can vote here, they are the second one in the list.