For all I spend a lot of my time talking digital with clients and staff alike there are still a number of successful clients at Levy McCallum whose focus remains ‘traditional’. Press ads, radio commercials and printed brochures still have a big part to play in marketing for some.

This was really brought home to me last week when we enquired about airtime on a local radio station only to be told, for the second month running, they had none available. We’ve become so used to everything being available all the time no matter how short the notice that it comes as a surprise when we’re told something isn’t available these days.

We’ve recently completed a large design and print campaign, we’ve been fortunate enough to carry this out for several years now, and this year, like the one before, the total time given to complete the task reduced. Deadlines get shorter; technology, better management, skilled practitioners and good luck ensure these ever decreasing deadlines are met whilst quality remains.

In this industry you simply get used to doing everything faster and better, indeed it’s almost expected, so when someone says no, we have no more time available it’s a shock. There were of course alternatives, there are always alternatives, but still, someone said no. Of course it wasn’t that they didn’t want the business, they really did, but I guess at some point we all eventually run out of time.