After some gentle pestering I finally got round to creating Facebook and Twitter pages for Levy McCallum. There can be no doubt that ‘new media’ is here to stay now, we’ll know it has truly arrived when it drops the prefix ‘new’. Yes it is still evolving, yes it still has some questions to answer in terms of effectiveness and yes I too still know a lot of people who genuinely ask ‘what is the point?’ of user created content sites. But I know people who still ask what the point of multi-channel television is so you aren’t ever going to get everyone on board.

The conceit involved in posting your thoughts on the web in the belief that somebody might find them interesting has always troubled me. See I know I’m not really that interesting, you know I’ve tried, over the years I’ve even had some success, but on the whole except for a handful of close friends and family I’m not really very interesting. So the question of why anyone would want to follow me on Twitter or Facebook or Linked In or even here is relevant. This is where the beauty of it lies, I only need to say something mildly interesting every now and then, and, if I stick to what I know, even I can do that. Because no one is just following me, they are following lots of people and so if we all say something interesting every now and then that adds up to a lot of interesting stuff. If you are following people related to areas of specific interest to you then inevitably you begin to get lots of interesting, relevant and diverse information. Fundamentally that is what marketing is about, taking information and imparting it to people who want it. Already today alone I’ve read an a great piece on search engine optimisation, an article from the IPA about Account Directors that was so good I put it onto the TAAN site and watched a video about the growth of the internet and what it actually means in terms of business, it is really well done. Without social media I wouldn’t have seen any of them.

So here is my challenge, get Twittering, or Facebooking or whatever and let me know what you find that you like because it has value to someone and in these trying times finding anything that adds value is very worthwhile.

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