Attract the best candidates by adding a short video clip to your online recruitment advertising!

Whisper it but after months of waiting for hard evidence of those elusive ‘green shoots’, it looks as though we might actually now be seeing some genuine signs of some economic recovery and better news for employment. But with those welcome headlines about new jobs coming into Scotland and Northern Ireland again recently it means that we’re all having to work harder and smarter than ever to attract and recruit the best candidates.

Levy McCallum has for many years enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for success in the field of recruitment advertising, although the industry’s move towards simple text-only listings on specialist websites has in many ways restricted the opportunities for us to be able to help our clients.

However, we’ve noticed recently that some of those recruitment websites are now starting to allow short video clips to be added to the basic job listing. We think that this is going to bring some real benefit to the advertisers’ success in being able to attract and recruit the best-available candidates, adding a new layer of information and persuasiveness to the basic job details listing.

Of course, the production of promotional video content is second nature to us, whether for television advertising, corporate videos or multimedia internet banner ads and we’re really excited that this new development in the ever-maturing online recruitment sector is once again allowing us to add better value and greater effectiveness to our clients’ on-going HR activities.

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