We need to move on

The EU referendum result last June surprised many people, not least those who called it in the first place. Had the result been much more clear cut, something like sixty five or seventy per cent one way or the other the weeks and months since would have been far less fraught. It’s the “almost fifty fifty” feeling that has created a less than ideal climate coupled with the deep, sullen smouldering of all those who wanted to remain but didn’t bother to vote. There were clearly plenty of them, the relatively low turnout proves that, but it’s too late now.  

Whether the result pleased you or left you with your head in your hands, we are where we are and we need to accept that and move on. Politicians, as politicians always do, have used the result to reinforce whatever load of tripe they are currently peddling. Politicians make nothing. Except mistakes. Usually very expensive mistakes. To move on and make the best out of the new situation it is absolutely vital that our business people at all levels raise their game and make sure that every cylinder is firing. The time for predicting how bad or good things are going to be has passed. Such predictions serve no useful purpose and we have had plenty of them. The only thing about the future we know for certain is that if we try harder, we will be far better off than if we don’t.